Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the operating hours of XCEL Fit Club?
A. Staffed Hours are: Mon. – Fri: 9:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm - 7:00pm, Sat:9:00am - 2:30pm and Sun:CLOSED
    Member Hours are 24/7

Q. Are all memberships 24/7 Access?
All memberships at XCEL Fit Club include access 24/7 and include all Virtual Classes with Fitness on Demand.

Q. What is Fitness on Demand?
A. Fitness on Demand is a kiosk with a variety of classes that are readily available. They are video based class taught by head instructor. A member can use at anytime unless classroom is already in use.

Q. What apps should I download to stay connected?
A. There are a couple apps members should download to better their experience. First, download the MINDBODY app to to check class schedule and makes signing up easy. Second, download the Preva app. This works in conjunction with our Preva Network on all our cardio. Users are able to set goals, track workout history, and receive badges for accomplishments. Don't just work out keep track of what doing. Link access key tag by tapping card by green lights on top right of viewing screen for easy sign in. Third, download AudioFetch to be able to listen to TV audio in the gym.

Q. Are all memberships paid per month?
A. Yes, all memberships are paid per month with automatic withdraw from payment method on file.

Q. What type of payments do you except?
All memberships must be paid with credit card and have card saved to account. We take MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?
A. All membership contracts require 30 day notice to cancel and can't before the end of their initial term. A written notification is required to XCEL Fit Club staff by email or hand delivery. Early termination of contracts will required extra fees to be paid. If bill date falls within 30 days from when you send in your form, you will be billed again for final month. Email staff at for cancelation form.

Q. Why must I sign a waiver?
A. Every member must fill out a 24-hour Fitness Release Waiver for legal purposes.

Q. Is there an age limit for 24/7 access?
A. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions are allowed. 

Q. What do I need to access entry to the facility once I am a member?
A. Each member will receive a key tag assigned to there account which is included in the enrollment fee.  Your key tag gives you 24-hours access to XCEL Fit Club and checks you in. So bring your key tag every time you plan on working out, during staffed hours and un-staffed hours. If lose key tag, a $10 fee will be charged to the account for new card.

Q. How does the member key tag work when the facility is un-staffed?
A. Each member’s key tag has a barcode ID number assigned to their account. You tap your card on the blue dot through the card reader on the outside, right of front door. You’ll know you “tapped” correctly when green light lights up and will display access granted then members name, The key tag allows 24 hour access and signs you in. The access control will not allow the door to open if your membership has expired or have an account balance. 

Q. If two people show up to work out at the same time, does the door have to shut in between them for proper access? 
A. The door can be open, but both members still need to swipe their cards. The door does not need to close between them.  
IMPORTANT: Often members forget something in their car and they leave the club briefly to go get it. Please remember to take your key card with you as the door will lock behind you. 

Q. What is the “Tail Gate System”?
A. The Tail Gate System is a device that counts the number of people entering the building with each single card swipe. To better understand how the system works, here are two examples:

Example #1: If a member tries to bring a non-member friend into the gym, they will be caught on camera and on the computer. We will review the video and contact you. You could lose your membership privileges.
Example # 2: If someone walks in behind you without swiping their own personal card, your name will have a flag alert by it. We will review the video and determine who didn’t swipe their key tag.

Q. What will happen if I forget my key tag? 
A. To avoid delay, please always bring your key tag to sign in. If we are un-staffed, you will need your key tag to gain entry. During staffed hours, we can check you in, but please respect our staff and other members as they have ongoing commitments and you may have to wait at the desk. 

Q. What happens if I lose my key tag?
A. If you lose your key tag, you must purchase a new one for $10.00. However, if your key tag stops working due to normal wear and tear, we will replace it at no extra charge. 

Q. Can someone else use my key tag?
A. Doing so is a violation of your contract and an immediate cancellation of membership privileges.

Q. Can I borrow another member’s key tag if I forget mine?
A. Do not borrow another member’s key tag if you forget yours. Swiping your personal key tag is our only record of your visit to the facility, which is a requirement of our insurance provider.

Q. Can I bring a guest during un-staffed hours? 
A. Guests can only use the facility during staffed hours. 24 hour access is exclusively for members only.  DOING SO IS A VIOLATION OF THE RULES AND REGULATIONS, AND GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP. NO MEMBERSHIP FEES WILL BE REFUNDED. Guests must sign Liability Waivers before working out.

Q. Why does XCEL Fit Club have video cameras throughout the facility?
A. With 24/7 access, we have installed security cameras in every room except the restrooms, changing rooms and shower rooms. All other rooms will have cameras in various places. They are installed for your security and safety. The cameras will be used to prosecute criminal activity and identify unauthorized use of the facility. 

Q. What is the “Gym Etiquette” for XCEL Fit Club?
A. You can be respectful of your fellow members by being considerate in the following ways:

Please bring clean shoes to the gym.  Dirt and grime cause equipment breakdowns. 
Please wipe down equipment after use. Prevent the spread of germs to yourself and others. Locate a disinfectant wipes in various places in the gym. 
Don’t drop the free weights.  Dropping the weights places undue wear on the carpet and floors.
Unload your weight plates from machines and bars.  When you are finished, return them to the appropriate rack.
Respect the “first come, first serve” rule while using several workout stations at a time.
If you are trying to do a circuit on several pieces of equipment and someone wants to use that station when you are not there, they can use it. 

Stow away safely extra handles, straps and bars. If you change handles, straps or bars on equipment, please place the unused handles close to the machines or back on the racks to avoid tripping accidents by other members.
Every member has a key card and is required to bring them to the gym.

Rockbot music is for all. The music is for general listening for all members. Changing the volume or station is not allowed. If you do not like the music, we encourage you to bring your own personal head phones and music.

All cardio machines have there own personal viewing screens with 12 TV channels. We have various TV sets throughout the facility for viewing purposes All TVs are hooked up to a system called AudioFetch. Download the app AudioFetch and connect to WiFI on your Apple or Android device and will be able to listen to sound on any TV. The channel for sound is noted on each TV set.

The facility is fully light with occupancy sensors. They lights will automatically turn on and off when enter/leave the gym. There is safety night lights so facility is always light.

The reception desk area is off limits to members during un-staffed hours. This is viewed carefully on our surveillance system.

Drinking fountains are for refreshment only. Since it is used by all, please do not use the drinking fountain as a spittoon.

Class participation is “first come, first serve”.  Our classes can fill up fast. If you save a spot for a friend and they are not present when class begins, that spot can be taken by another interested participant. 

Classroom is outfitted with Fitness on Demand for member use.  Please check the class calendar first to make sure no classes are scheduled. If no classes scheduled, can select any class that would like to be played and class will be played on TV in classroom. Fitness on Demand will make you aware of any scheduled classes that may interrupt you.