Complete Protein

Not all proteins are created equal. I always have people coming up to me asking what brand of protein powder they should buy or what types of foods they should get for protein; here is the thing, whether supplementing protein or dieting with protein, the best proteins to get are proteins with an adequate proportion of the 9 essential amino acids. Some incomplete proteins may actually have all amino acids but complete proteins have the correct proportion of the essential amino acids making them superior in diet. The following are the 9 essential amino acids and their mg/g ratio:

You can get whatever brand of protein powder you choose but just because you have a protein shake doesn't mean your body is processing this protein; does not mean you are actually getting the protein into your cells. And if you are not doing so tell me what is the point? Better off using a tried and tested source than an economy source that doesn't actually give you what you are supposed to be getting. If you want a source of complete protein go to my site and browse:
Essential Amino Acid mg/g of Protein
Tryptophon 7
Threonine 27
Isoleucine 25
Leucin 55
Lycine 51
Methionine+Cystine 25
Phenylalanine+Tyrosine 47
Valine 32
Histidine 18