It has never been something easy to admit. We set upon a course with all the vigor and passion in the world. As much talent as we can fathom and every intention of developing the skill sets necessary to see our journey extend even further than our minds can imagine. But somehow as events begin to take their course reality begins to take shape and it is not always the reality we envisioned for ourselves.
   If you are like me, this is a foreign concept. It is not a trifle we choose to deal with often. Yet it is true and becomes truer the more we seek to ignore it. This trifle I speak of is what we commonly refer to as failure.
   I want to write this blog posting, not in some long drawn out case for or against anything, but to simply state the known, and state it again so that it can be overcome. Fact: No one on this earth shares my passion for life. Perhaps this is why I so readily welcome death. Because death, much like failure is not the final resolution we tend to attribute our grandest ideas towards. Failure and death exist only as far as we allow them to exist in our minds and thoughts. In truth, they are merely the end of something. They only become the end of all if we do not have the courage and imagination to allow something grander to evolve because of it. Life exists because souls die and are reborn. And likewise copulation does not always lead to conception for very same reason. So the fact is that without death there would be no life. Similarly without failure there would be no resolve.
   Therefore failure is not the end, it is the beginning. Perhaps we misjudged certain conditions. You thought you would lose 30 pounds in 2 months because someone else did. When you failed, you did not reassess your goals and your lifestyle to reach them you simply quit. In this, failure has no explanation; failure is indeed failure. But not because something didn't work the way you thought it would. Rather because you gave up on yourself. Perhaps you did not fully evaluate your ability to cultivate the necessary skills of discipline and resolve. This and this alone is failure much like death is only death if we choose to mourn the life of the one we loved and do not live to make that life resonate for the eternity it was purposed to bring. For surely what happens after the illusion of finality; in death or failure, is what matters most. Life is meant to bring meaning to those we influence so that what happens afterwards is the true promise of it.
   Failure is not failure if you understand the tendencies which brought it into fruition. Make your new mission one of consternation and adjustment. I value your success and I can guarantee you that your failure is only an option because you imagined it. I challenge you to not turn from it but turn towards it and destroy it once and for all. This is Wellness and this is why we at Phenom Wellness Group, LLC are here. If you make your failure a habit this is not an inability to reach some illusive pinnacle of fitness, rather you have successfully identified a character flaw. Don't accept it, choose to overcome it. We at Phenom have clients who behave like hobbyists. Wellness cannot be a hobby, it must be a lifestyle. Conversely we have many more clients who treat their wellness as a lifestyle and I can tell you they are the wealthiest and satisfied individuals I have ever met. Continue to overcome your own weaknesses. If they were as insignificant as you suppose they would not be strong enough to manifest in physical form.
   This has less to do with "getting in shape", whatever that means, and more to do with realizing your true potential. And if you fail, it is only failure if you allow it. A healthier life is a happier life and failure does not exist in it.