Core exercise for the weekend:

What is your core? Often misunderstood, the best way to understand the core is that it is not a muscle group but a region of the body. Your core is where all the movements in your body originate. All functional body movements depend on your core. Core therefore is not synonymous with abs. Rather abdominal muscles are part of the core. I often refer to the core as the part of your body that ties your upper and lower body together. Your core is the connection between your lower back, hip flexors, obliques and lower abs. All these muscle groups working together include and make up your core. Without a strong core you will surely see your fitness progress plateau, I don't care how intense your exercises are. And without a strong core you will continue to have set backs. Below are some exercises Guaranteed to strengthen your core. Land Mines/ Deep Squat Land Mines/ Resistance Band Torso Twists: 6x25 each exercise. See how your core feels after that!