Create Your Own Boot Camp!

Jumprope (5 min)
Side lunges (2min)
Split Squats (2min)
Split Squats (switch legs- 2min)
Burpees 2min
Planks 2min
Leg Raises 2min
Rest (1:30min)

Repeat 3x.

   This is excellent cardiovascular exercise combined with awesome core and leg muscle toning. Use this 3x/wk and run 2x/wk one week and 3x/wk the next week. Alternate your running schedule every other week as such. Inbox or message me here for questions or details. DO NOT post questions on my page personal page.
   Understand, losing weight is not difficult. All you have to do is find the right diet. The difficult part is losing the right weight and being able to control the effort. That is, maximizing your real goals of not just losing weight but also creating muscle tone so that you are losing body fat as well. Your body cannot physically improve its structure until you put it through some form of physical duress. If you lack the initiative to do this, may I suggest you are not as serious about claiming your fitness goals as you claim to be; The only way to truly take command is with the correct diet fused with correct exercise. Stop trying to cut corners. Real results only happen when you approach a task the right way; that is with commitment, purpose and a sense of obligation and discipline to and for yourself. YES you do have the time, you just have to make it. NO you don't need a gym membership, you can do these at home. Refuse to succumb to excuses. Excuses are for people who lack a sense of integrity. Make a personal commitment to yourself and stand by it. See it through to the end! If you need guidance I am here!