Fat Burning techniques

For maximum results strength train and do cardio simultaneously. For example, work one major muscle group and one minor, between sets, do cardio. Use the following as a guide:

Leg extensions 15reps/ Jump rope 5min repeat 4x
Hamstring curls 15reps/ Jump rope 5min repeat 4x
Tricep extensions 15reps/ jump rope 5min repeat 4x.

You can expand this routine as you'd like, adding squats, curls, dips, etc., even making a circuit out of it. perhaps jump roping isn't your thing, that is fine but do 5minutes of cardio after each set as shown. As always, leave comments or questions at your leisure!


An effective workout program is incomplete without an effective nutrition plan to compliment the effort. Therefore I want to suggest to you a disciplined diet that will allow you to trim down your body fat if used along with the workouts that I have listed in my previous blogs. This is a low carb diet so you will need to curb your appetite to eat for hunger not cravings.

Meal1: 1 protein 1 carb 1 fiber. Protein shake Green Tea
Meal2: 2 proteins 2 carbs 2 fibers
Meal3: 1 protein 0 carbs 2 fibers
Meal4: 1 protein shake 1 fiber

Understand that there is no room for leniency. A low carb diet must be just that. No more than 50g of carbs a day. No bread, no grain, no sugar, no sweets, no canned foods, no processed foods. No juice, no alcohol, no pasta, no starches. Whole foods only. That means foods that you label as healthy- Fiber 1 bars, nutrigrain bars, yogurt, etc. is all no good. if it is not a whole food don't eat it.

Week1: 1500
Weeek2: 1400
Week3: 1300
Weeek4: 1500

This calorie cycle should be used along with your low carb diet. Apply is comprehensive information to your structured workout program with discipline and your goal of losing weight is sure to become reality! Leave comments or ask questions as needed!