Fitness Advice

If your goal is weight loss it is important that we are honest with ourselves as to where we are in the process. If we are significantly overweight then it is likely that we are significantly out of shape. But we can also be significantly out of shape with out being significantly overweight. I say this because intense cardio and intense circuit training works but you should graduallly build up until you are able to perform in such a fashion. This being said I would suggest the following workout twice a week to get started.

Warmup: 12 min cardio, i.e. : walk 1min/jog 30 sec for 12 min.
Lunges: 30reps (15 each  leg)
Squat thrusts 20 reps
Pushups (knees or regular) 25
Situps 30 reps
Seated dumbell shoulder press 20 reps.

Run this circuit 4x. Rest a minute after each circuit. appreciate the increase in your heart rate and focus each movement especially your muscle contraction. Allow your muscles to expand and contract all the way for each repetitioin. Then write me and let me know how you did. Also write me regarding any questions you may have. Have a blessed day!