Workout! (pt.1)

   Generally most individuals are not going to be in the gym seven days a week. Most individuals I consult may want to exercise seven days a week but are only able to actually commit to 3 or 4. Awesome! What I want to do is outline some workouts that you can do for each of those days. If you are just beginning you may be wondering where to start? Let me help you. No matter what your goals are you are going to need some level of endurance. Your body has to be able to be physically able to meet the demands you desire. So start with cardio. Nothing too crazy but a job walk routine, (1 minute intervals) will pay dividends sooner than later. Use that to warmup before you begin your strength training and also use it initially for your cardio workouts.
   Next I always place a huge emphasis on a strong core. A lot of people- trainers included- place so much emphasis on weight loss that they neglect what is most important and that is the foundation. No building is erected without a solid foundation. Weight loss is important and so is muscle definition but if you neglect your core from the onset you will reach a point- sooner than you'd like I might add- that progress stops and nagging injuries set in. Avoid this by establishing a strong core first. Today I will outline some great exercises for you to begin with.
   Burpees:  Burpees are an exercise that really gets your heart rate going and provides you with muscle resistance as well. I prefer that beginners start with a Bosu ball but if you do not have one, you can do it on your hands. Begin by standing up right. Next, bend down at the knees and waist and place your palms on the ground then thrust your legs back. You should now be in a pushup position for more athletic individuals it is a good idea to follow through with an actual pushup but if you are not there quite yet pull your feet back in and thrust your hands high about your head. If you want, go ahead and jump as you perform this motion. Repeat this exercise 15-20x. Follow this exercise with planks, (25 sec) and then immediately turn over and perform 20 leg raises. Congratulations! You just completed a circuit. Repeat these three exercises  three times.