Let's Make a Change! (Weight Loss Pt.3)

    So, we are heading into the New Year! Congratulations! However, much like Christmas, I can talk until I'm blue in the face about making sure you stay consistent with your dieting. Yet I know the odds of that happening are slim! Therefore I want to follow up where we left off. Interval training is the BEST way to yield results when it comes to fitness and burning fat. Your heart rate is key, alongside an intense level of cardio.  The correct amount of interval training forces the body to yield results long after the workout is over and you are at home sleeping it off. Let me explain.
   When you do interval training you are decreasing your body's oxygen supply. That is why it is not possible to sustain true anaerobic activity for lengthy periods of time and thus we break up these periods of exertion into intervals. Hence the name: Interval Training. Even when you are done with your workout, because your body has to replenish its cells with oxygen, it has to work to do so which means that it is burning calories in the process! The higher the intensity level of your workouts, the more oxygen and energy are needed to replace your body's depleted supply; up to 48 hours after your workout is complete!
     Understand this key concept: Exercising for fitness is not about the duration of TIME, rather, the level of INTENSITY. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing individuals repeat the same routines over and over again. And then when they come to me for advice, they go back to what they were doing before, looking for a different outcome. Not only does longer, lower intensity cardio not yield maximum results but it also makes you prone to injury because you are doing the same movements over and over again, therefore running the risk of overworking your precious body. Remember; your body is and instrument. Let's treat it as such! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And let's not shred our diet. Let's come back ready to exercise smarter and more effectively!
     Visit me again next week for more fitness information.

Let's Make a Change! (Weight Loss pt. 2)

     You've purchased your gym membership, or maybe you've simply made the firm decision to improve your health. You have your weight loss goal locked in your mind, and now you are ready to do whatever it takes to drop those pounds! Let's start to outline the plan. First understand that the body is an instrument. It is a science. No matter how bad we want something, we still must put together a formula that our body understands and will respond to. I want you to lock two themes firmly into your head. The first is (Heart Rate), the second is (calories). You have two different heart rate levels. The first level is your resting heart rate. next you've got your heart rate reserve, then your target heart rate, and ultimately your maximum heart rate.

     My exercise methods for weight loss are simple. Find your maximum heart rate, and stay within 70%- 90% of your max heart rate for as long as possible; 30-40 minutes. Sounds simple enough right? Well. . . let's slow down. Generally speaking, your body is not conditioned to operate at this intensity level consistently for 40 or even 30 minutes. That is REALLY INTENSE TRAINING! Therefore we must develop a compromise. What is the trade off? It's a technique called interval training. Essentially you push your heart rate up to 70%-90% of your max, and then you bring it back down with the purpose of increasing your oxygen supply. You repeat this process for 30- 40 min and before you know it, you've burned a large percentage of the calories you need for the week. Understand that it takes a while to lose fat both through exercise and diet. 3500 calories equals one pound of fat. It sounds like a lot only if you try to do it all at once. But the goal is to work toward that number through correct dieting and exercise.
     To recap, 30-40 minutes between your target and max heart rate; we call this the fat burning zone. Interval training will allow you to reach this goal without completely depleting your oxygen supply. How you work your interval is up to you. If you are a runner, sprint for 20 sec, jog for 20. If you are a walker, jog for 20 sec, walk for 20. If you are a biker, gear down and speed up for 20 sec, then gear up and slow down for 20. Repeat this process until you've reached your 30 or 40 minute mark. I encourage you to exercise this way no more than twice a week. The other portion of your cardio workout should come from more moderate  exercise as opposed to the effects reaped from operating in between your target heart rate and your maximum heart rate.  Instead, operate in between your heart rate reserve and your target heart rate the rest of the days that you choose to do cardio.
     Our next topic will be toning your body at the same time you are losing weight. This is very important and a subject of debate within fitness circles.  I greatly look forward to discussing it with you!

Let's Make a Change! (Weight Loss pt.1)

   One of the biggest challenges I faced as the fitness manager of Gold's Gym - East Washington location was enabling people to see the difference between exercise, and effective exercise for a targeted goal. Over eighty percent of the people I consulted were motivated by some form of weight loss. The thing is, individuals who have led a sedentary lifestyle or who have been inconsistent when it comes to exercise join a gym or health club and almost immediately begin to sense a difference. Awesome! So it's true, exercise does improve your lifestyle! But then the question comes- what's next? Shouldn't I have some sort of plan or structure that will enable me to continue not only feeling better but looking better as well? How do I go about putting such a program together?
   Perhaps the biggest reason I've experienced so much success as a consultant is that I don't JUST put together exercises for my clients or even prospective clients. I see trainers do that too often. Fitness and health are so much more than that! I want to educate individuals on the reasons behind the exercises, they are the concepts that our bodies require for change. If you are able to understand the concepts, you do not have to be spoon fed exercises by your personal trainer, or if you do not work with a trainer, you won't have to experiment in the gym with different exercises and HOPE they work. I want to give you an understanding of how your body works so that you will be able to give it what it needs so that it WILL respond and change the way you want it to.
   My name is Jared "Jay" Bailey and I thank you for following me on my blog. I am a nationally certified personal trainer and fitness consultant and I take great pride in my work. I hope that by reading my blog you will gather the information necessary to take not only your fitness, but your overall health and wellness to a whole new level! Later this week, I will discuss the science behind weight loss and we will also delve further into techniques for not only losing weight but shaping and toning your body in the process. See you soon!